Local Government Contacts:

Local Cowee Organizations & Businesses:

____________________________________________Macon County Heritage Center at Historic Cowee School

                         Cowee Pottery School

_______________Cowee Farmers Market

___________________________________________________Cowee Volunteer Fire & Rescue

                                                                                                 Perry's Water Gardens

                                                    Bates Cabins

                                                  T.M. Rickman General Store

                                                    Great Smokey Mountain Fish Camp & Safari

                                                       Cherokee Ruby Mine

                                                   Sheffield Mine

                                                   Mason Mountain Mine

                                                                                    Sleepy Hollow Cottages

                                                                    Franklin Chamber of Commerce

                                                                   Franklin Board of Realtors

                     The Land Trust for the Little Tennessee

                     Lily and the King Home Made Soaps

                                                                                                Macon County

                                                                                              Ralph Preston Photography

                                                           Iotla Vally Elementary School

                                                                                                                           Goshen Timber Frames

                                                                             Cycle Crazy
Cowee Community Development Organization
Local Cowee and Vacinity Organizations and Businesses
for your Support and Patronage:
Mason Mountain
Cowee Gift Shop

(The Johnson's Place)
Since 1966
Cowee Convenience & Deli: 6368 Bryson City Road                      369-3364
Cowee Grading 620 Ned Hill Road                                                    524-2796
Cowee Trout Fishing, Leatherman Gap Road                                  369-2870
Cowee Valley Lapidary: 1408 Ruby Mine Road                                524-2321
Goshen Timber Frames, 37 Philips St.,                                            524-8662
River View Realty, 95 Rain Ridge Road                                            524-1010
Cowee Baptist Church: 6301 Bryson City Road                              524-3469
Oak Grove Baptist Church: 28 Lakey Creek Rd                              369-7897
Snowhill United Methodist Church: 330 Snowhill Road                 524-7417
Liberty Baptist Church 1421 Ned Hill Road
Cowee Churches:
Cowee Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department: (Emergency dial 911)    Non-Emergency 369-7611                                            
Oak Grove Fire Sub-Station:  (Emergency dial 911)    Non-Emergency 349-9283
Macon County Sheriffs Office: (Emergency Dial 911)    Non-Emergency 524-2811
Iolta Valley Elementary School, 1166 Iolta Church Road         524-2938
Franklin High School, 100 Panther Drive   524-6467              
Macon County Land Fill         
Macon County Public Library    524-3600